The cruel confluence of war and famine in Northeast Africa

Desperation at its peak: The cruel confluence of war and famine in Northeast Africa that tears apart the region.

Video of the news from TN Cap de Setmana of TV3

Video of the news from TN Cap de Setmana of TV3, July 15, 2023, in which the desolation in Northeast Africa is evident, where war and famine ravage the region.

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Content of the news video

Three months of fighting in Sudan have plunged the country into a civil war filled with atrocities and millions of displaced and refugee people. Northeast Africa is plunging into instability and, consequently, into famine. It is already happening in Ethiopia, where an unstable ceasefire in the Tigray region, bordering Sudan, has not prevented the return of mortality due to food shortages during a severe drought. Ramon Pellicer, presenter of Telenotícies on Televisió de Catalunya, comments on this, leading to the report by Joan Roura, journalist from TV3’s International section.

Joan Roura, journalist from TV3’s International section

“Beautiful, lovely, black letters on a pink blouse on the chest of Tsige Shishay, 10 years old, 10 kilos, fighting for her life in this hospital in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray, Ethiopia.”

Asmelash Shishay, Tsige’s father, displaced from Tigray

“She no longer eats and is very ill due to malnutrition. We try to give her soup with milk, but unfortunately, she can’t eat it. This happens because we’ve been without anything to give her for too many days.”

Teklay Hagos, pediatrician

“The medications are expensive, as they are third-generation drugs. They can cost a family more than 10 euros. But being displaced, they can’t afford to buy them, and we can’t provide them either. So, we helplessly watch as they deteriorate, and it’s painful.”

Joan Roura, journalist from TV3’s International section

“Displaced by the war, this is the true sequence leading to the wave of deaths from hunger in northern Ethiopia.

In November of last year, the fighting ceased after two years of war between the secessionist army of the Tigray region in the north and the federal troops of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. But they had already displaced one of the six million Tigrinya’s who join the twenty million Ethiopians who already rely entirely on international aid for their meals.”

Woldsilassie Gebremedhin, displaced from Tigray

“My main concern is the well-being of my children. All my wishes and prayers are for them not to die before me. I would like to die and have them live. I couldn’t bear to see them die. That’s what worries me constantly.”

Joan Roura, journalist from TV3’s International section

“The ceasefire is holding up for now in general terms, but in every skirmish, the lifeline connecting the UN’s aid with the survivors of the war and the worst drought in the past fifty years is severed.”

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