Rebuilding Hopes: Ángel Olaran’s Commitment to Tigray

In this publication titled Rebuilding Hopes: Ángel Olaran’s Commitment to Tigray, we share an emotional and passionate message from Father Olaran, addressed to our community, where he reminds us of the humanitarian work he has been carrying out for over 30 years in that region of northern Ethiopia, as well as the difficulties and challenges faced by the population there, especially women and children. A story of humanity, dedication, and hope.

In a world where indifference and abandonment often reign, the Basque missionary challenges these grim realities with an unwavering commitment to the most in need. It is a lifestyle rooted in the hearts of those who see injustice and act. For over three decades, he has been extending his hands to care for the elderly, orphans, and the sick in desperate situations. His work, a pilot model in Tigray, has been a beacon of hope in the midst of darkness.

But this story goes beyond numbers and achievements. It takes us on an emotional journey, where suffering and resilience intertwine in a struggle for human dignity. From the war-torn conflict in Bosnia to the horrors experienced in Tigray, we are reminded of the cruelty that humanity can inflict. However, we are also shown the strength and solidarity that can arise in response to adversity.

The deafening silence of international institutions in the face of the suffering of thousands of women in Tigray is a painful reminder of the negligence and lack of empathy that often prevail in the world. But amidst this desolation, there is a glimmer of hope. A small gesture of support can make a difference in the lives of those struggling to survive.

Ángel Olaran (‘Abba Melaku’) expresses his frustration at the lack of international attention to this humanitarian crisis and issues a call to action, urging others to join him in his cause to continue helping the most in need. He also highlights the importance of solidarity and mutual support in difficult times. Father Olaran invites us to be part of this story. To join those willing to raise their voices and extend a hand to the abandoned, ignored, and forgotten. Because in a world where compassion is scarce, every act of kindness matters.

Written by Ángel Olaran

“I send greetings to all of you, friends, and some not-so-friendly acquaintances who are nevertheless committed to life, to need, and to the abandoned. You know, we’ve been lending a hand to the elderly, orphans, and sick in need of special care in emergencies for over 30 years. This service, guaranteed by years of experience, is a pilot model in the Tigray region and even in the nation.

Perhaps we have become accustomed to hearing about orphans, the elderly… The annual budget revolves around 250,000 euros. Part of the support, which comes to us through the Foundation, we use to cover it. That support I consider essential.

Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Reconeixements ÀNIMA,’ where two young Bosnian women attended, representing those who, during the war in their country, were abused, humiliated, and shattered in the most intimate part of their femininity. They reminded me of the same situation to which thousands of women, from girls to grandmothers, were subjected during the war in Tigray, reviving the feeling of disgust towards that part of the male gender of Humanity that even animals reject in front of a female in heat. There has not yet been a heartfelt declaration by any institution about what happened to so many thousands of women in Tigray. Nor is it expected.

Given the human cruelties suffered by the Tigrayan population, especially women, from girls to grandmothers, we are closer to a group of them. We believe that to break the fear that some may have to approach the population, the most appropriate measure is to offer them some kind of microcredit that allows them to have commercial relationships with it.

The population of Tigray, as well as its representatives, are grateful for the container with hospital material that arrived in Wukro. From the conception of the idea to its realization, it is a free initiative of interested people. We appreciate your solidarity in sending hospital material. No government, international institution, or those with the red carpet, can think of managing the shipment of so much hospital material abandoned in warehouses. They are busy sending genocidal weapons, even on a cosmic level.

In another line, but also inhuman, is the much-talked-about silence of these sacred institutions in the face of the lack of arrival of the ridiculous humanitarian aid, just over 15 kg of wheat per person per month. In November of last year, wheat arrived in Wukro to support 15,000 people for only one month, in a population of 74,000. Thereafter, nothing has entered Wukro, and more than a year has passed between this last one and the previous one.

As I was saying, the fact that humanitarian aid does not arrive is a cosmic accusation against the EU and allies. We are left with the comfort that “History will judge them.” Let’s already be part of that history and let’s start judging it today, supporting it according to our economic possibilities. There are still children who go without breakfast to school, who eat poorly the rest of the day. I imagine the concern of any mother there, whose son or daughter had to go to school on an empty stomach.

Today, the ball is in the court of civilians, of those on foot. If you are reading me, if you are fortunate enough to reach abandoned, ignored, or forgotten people whose lives are as anonymous as their deaths, by the time you realize it, you feel admiration and respect for them.

We thank you for allowing us to continue supporting you. We have received projects that we will soon begin to implement.


Thank you for your reading and for being part of this noble cause.

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