The Mission of the Centre d’Iniciatives Solidàries Ángel Olaran

The Private Foundation CIS Ángel Olaran is a non-profit development organization. The foundation has the NIF G-25691189, was constituted in 2009 and registered in the Registry of Fundacions de la Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 2596. His address is: Av. del Canal, 7, in Mollerussa (Lleida). Annual certificates of donations for tax breaks on income tax and corporate tax returns are issued by them. 

We are a non-governmental organization for development. That is to say, we are an independent organization that is not part of the structures of a state and we act so that impoverished countries can lead their development processes to improve the living conditions.

In 2005 ‘Collective to support Angel Olaran’ was created. In 2009 the Fundació Privada Centre d’Iniciatives Solidàries Ángel Olaran was registered.

In accordance with the Resolution of 12 May 2010, it was registered in the Registry of Administrative Bodies for Development at the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (Catalan Agency for Cooperation with Development) under registration number 409. Isolidaries is part of the Coordinadora ONGD de Lleida (Lleida NGO Coordinator).

It is intended to assist, collaborate and develop new or complementary projects for activities directed or related to humanitarian, health, social or educational aid.

The Foundation collaborates with the work of Father Angel Olaran, who heads St. Mary’s Institution in Wukro.  The population of Wukro is located in the Tigray area, in the north of Ethiopia. The Foundation has been supporting the Basque missionary for more than 10 years.

The CIS Angel Olaran tries to guarantee the basic rights and survival of the collectives with which the missionary Angel Olaran works to ensure that thousands of people can improve their lives by:

  • Promoting the development of orphaned children by maintaining the family nucleus with access to food, housing and health services. Social and psychological support is given to children living in shelters and awareness in the rest of the community. In this way, children are happier and behaviour improves, school absenteeism is reduced, the spirit of collaboration towards others is increased and greater participation in educational, sporting and artistic activities is possible.
  • Access to a safer living environment for the elderly with financial support, home care and food service that ensures that they are accompanied and maintain a more dignified quality of life within the community.
  • Improving the lives of people living with HIV through financial support, prevention programmes in schools through training and awareness-raising workshops on the disease, and activities or actions aimed at integrating people living with HIV.

We share values based on solidarity and work with the goal of “training people to develop a more just world”.

We also aim to ‘help people to have the same opportunities anywhere in the world, regardless of where they were born or grew up’.

We act to enable impoverished countries to lead their own development processes to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable and so strengthen their capabilities and options.

Patronato del CIS Angel Olaran

The CIS Ángel Olaran is led by a Board of Trustees whose members, in the photo above, are – starting from the left: Josep Balagué, Isabel Montserrat, Josep Maria Pujol (president), Josep Ramon Pijoan, Antoni Miquel, Miquel Pujol and Antoni Reig.

Areas of action in Wukro, Ethiopia

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