Project to provide potable and hot water through solar purifiers

Our goal in this project is to provide potable and hot water through solar purifiers to most needy people in Wukro (Ethiopia).

These purifiers are easy to used, they save time, money and the environment and improves the health of those people using them.

Solar water purifiers are a water treatment unit at home. The portable container has been scientifically tested and patented. The purifier is placed in a sunny place, and after 2-6 hours the water is safe to drink.

The container can also be used as a solar water heater, providing hot water for cooking and hygiene.

Clean water is essential for life, but one in eight in the world population does not have access to it. As a result there are 1.6 million deaths each year from diarrhea due to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene and the vast majority are children under five. The Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations urge urgent measures to find solutions to these problems. In fact, the widespread use of these purifiers can help seven of eight of these objectives.

We aim to ship 10 packs. In each pack there are 72 water purifiers. The price of each purifier is 125 €.

10 packs have a cost of 90,000 €. You can help by purchasing a unit (125 €) or more.

Thanks for your help.