Angel Olaran responds in a video about the situation in Tigray

It’s a pleasure to have him with us again! Angel Olaran responds in a video about the situation in Tigray, explaining what has happened in the two years of war in Ethiopia, and acknowledging support he received from here and willingness of the people of Wukro to move forward. He came in February to communicate the urgency of the needed critical aid, given the socio-economic situation.

Some comments by Angel Olaran taken from the video

Angel Olaran (Abba Melaku), comments on his return from Tigray after more than 15 months:

“The fact of my being here is to communicate to you what is happening in Tigray, but above all, to say that we need support.”

“The only function I have had in coming here is to communicate to you that Tigray is still alive, still very strong, but many parts have been destroyed – not morally – and we need help.”

“Given the socioeconomic situation in Tigray, the urgency of aid is vital.”

“Supporting Tigray should be in the hands of the European Union, the United Nations…, but we do not expect anything from them.”

“From the situation that started the conflict to now, nothing has changed politically.”

“The November peace agreement could have been made the day after the conflict began in Tigray. Tigray did not fight for independence. They did not prepare for war, but to defend themselves from everything that came at them from all sides.”

It is estimated that at least 600,000 people have been killed for no reason: for walking down the street, because they did not like your gaze… and then they are killed.” “These deaths have been foolish, for nothing.” “There are even people who said the number of deaths is about 1,000,000 people, just like that. A soldier who just did not like your smile killed you, just like that.”

“Women have been brutally raped, with brutal dehumanization.”

“Tigray was considered a terrorist and no one asked the Ethiopian government to declare that Tigray is a region of Ethiopia, that they are not terrorists, and that they could negotiate with them.”

“The UN issued a brief but clear note that said the rape that the Tigrayan women were suffering was beyond explanation, and that not only were they destroying their lives, but also their humanity and dignity. This is unthinkable how something like this can happen. That note was read, communicated, but it ended up in the trash can because nothing has ever been done about it.”

“Tigray was like a concentration camp. The limits were the borders of Tigray. No one could enter or leave. Humanitarian aid was not arriving… After the agreement, it has only been arriving in dribs and drabs.”

“A UN order came to enter trucks with humanitarian aid and it was not fulfilled. There are families that have not had access to that food for a single day, but that has not bothered anyone in the United Nations…”

“In conflicts, some people are more people than others.”

“To defend Europe is to defend Ukrainians.”

“What seems absurd, inhumane, and shameful to us is that politicians of this stature (UN) have not taken a step to solve this problem (Tigray), which is artificial, it is not a real problem.” “It is also said that the Tigrayans are rebels. The rebel is the one who starts … the one who defends is not a rebel.”

“The Tigrayans have taken advantage of the weapons left by their ‘enemy’ to defend themselves.”

“The motivation of the Tigrayans was very big because they fought to defend their land.”

“To enter and leave Tigray, you need to receive an invitation from the other party.”

“Hospitals are without medication.”

“If a patient needs to go to a hospital, they have to bring gloves for the nurses and if they need to be injected, they have to bring the needle for them to be pricked. But this doesn’t seem to worry anyone.”

“It is said that humanitarian aid has been sent, but it has been minimal.” “… but those who are dying now …”

“I have seen what they eat in their homes, and I admire how the children can have so much vitality.”

“What is concerning is the lack of food for children from five months to five years old due to the problems their brains can have.” “This is a crime against humanity.”

“Africa is the richest continent of all continents. For the raw material that comes from there, the borders are open; however, not for people who want to come here (Europe) and make a living. They are received with dogs, wires, and all possible impediments. Europe thus defends its property from smugglers and migrants.”

“Africa must be kept kneeling, humiliated.”

“A woman needs to be given food today, but also microcredit so that she can start feeding her family tomorrow.”

“Once the family has food security, we can move on to other projects such as water collection to conserve it so that farmers can irrigate nearby lands …”.

“We have to combine food, microcredit, and infrastructure projects. In Europe, there is more than enough potential for these projects.”

“The attitude of Tigray is to help everyone who wants to support us and facilitate everything.”

“In Tigray, the situation is one of artificial famine, due to the closing of borders. If people are allowed to move, and if banks work, people will move forward because they want to move forward.”

“I know about your support, those of Iniciatives Solidàries (The Private Foundation CIS Ángel Olaran), the partners, and I encourage you to continue.”

“Gradually, possibilities arose and we were able to take advantage of them so that with the money sent from here, we could buy soap – which people have not had access to in almost three years – buy food – especially wheat flour – in Addis Ababa and take it to Wukro with the free transport of international organizations.”

“When I arrived there (in Wukro, in January 2022), with a permit and a UN flight, I could only carry 10,000 birr (today, 55 birrs are 1 €). Many people thought that I arrived with money, and I only had 10,000 birr. When I got home, I gave them to Regat, the woman who has taken care of our food. I told her that I had nothing else and that what I was going to eat was not my concern. What they eat, I will eat. If they don’t eat, I won’t eat.”

“I know that my presence (in Wukro) for some people was like support. The fact of being with them, visiting them, and being visited by them adds another dimension to the waiting that has already been broken with something new, like my arrival there.”

“Regat, before my arrival, had been receiving credits to help people.”

“I needed to be there (Wukro) because they were my family.”

“What has been improved there is through this support from here. As the slogan says: ‘Think globally, but act individually’. To those who are already helping, continue to help individually. The aid we receive from you will not solve the problem of hunger in Wukro, in Tigray, but it is solving the problem of hunger – or whatever it may be – for the 1,000 people we have more direct contact with. And this is valuable to us. We have to act individually, as far as we can.”

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