What’s about?

The cycle of poverty can be broken when girls stay in school. The objective is to keep them in school, and a solute on to a key problem is the feminine hygiene. In Africa, female sanitary pads and tampons are very limited and only a few women can afford it. With a sustainable product and basic hygienic education, infection, shame, exploitation, early marriage, and even trafficking can be prevented. Your support to this project provides quality was able sanitary towels, substantial training in reproductive health, hygiene awareness, advocacy and teaches sewing skills to girls. Girls and their families are empowered through this project, by creating a workshop or a sewing cooperative, earning come and learn new skills.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki–moon said that when the health, education and welfare of girls is improved, the benefit sex tend to the rest of society.

What’s the problem?

Millions of poor girls face every day not having access to safe feminine hygiene solutions. Girls as last resort use feminine hygiene sanitary methods, including leaves, bark, newspapers and dirt, and in some cases allowed to be exploited by the desperation of supplies. According to the Ministry of Education for these African countries, providing solutions for safe feminine hygiene directly decreases dropout rates of girls in schools who have reached menstruation.

How can this project solve this problem?

Girls receive hygiene kits for one year. On the workshop producing these kits girls are taught and allowed to create their personal kit. While, several workshops teaching women’s health issues keep them informed and protected. Aside from the personal benefits, the community is enriched with basic training in health issues.

The workshop kits are created for distribution to other nearby towns at an affordable price and are distributed in schools. It empowers women to create these training workshops on women’s health.

Potential long-term impact

The girls stay in school and have access to continuing education. This affects directly and positively to current and future generations of women and men playing a key role in breaking the cycle of poverty. Communities are empowered to discuss and teach about feminine hygiene and health.

An Ethiopian woman told us recently: “Something as natural, even here it is taboo for women”.

This project offers simple, direct and effective solutions that enhance the empowerment of women and girls and keeps the ma way from the cycle of poverty and crime.

We need to raise a total of € 35,000 to run this Project.

We hope, once again, you’ll help us to achieve this Project.

Centre d’Iniciatives Solidàries Ángel Olaran Team thank you!